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Wyoming Woman Earns $1,500 In 6 Days Mailing Strawberry Plants Across The Country
BIG PINEY, WY—Winter in Wyoming comes early and stays late.

Fall usually starts in late August and Winter keeps plants dormant until late May or early June.

But that hasn't stopped Sharon Moreno from running a very successful home-based business selling plants.

"I've always had an interest in a home-based business", says Moreno. "I've done various things over the years to bring in income."

"My husband has worked in the oil and gas industry for the last 20 years. Since the downturn in oil we've been struggling to make ends meet."

"I have, for the most part, always been a stay at home wife/mother."

"I love growing and caring for plants. I'm always looking ahead to the next day and what it holds in store for my little business."

She had seen one of my videos about growing and selling plants at home several years ago, but it wasn't until recently that she decided to take the plunge.

And boy did she knock it outta the park! Her first sales actually came from a strategy I refer to as "Wholesaling Plants".

Sharon bought a box of 1,500 bare root strawberry plants from one of the wholesale sources I recommend in my Backyard Growing System.

She took them out of the box, divided them up into smaller bundles of 15 plants each, listed those bundles for sale online, and sold them all from the comfort of her own home.
She sold out in a matter of days... leaving a lot of people still wanting more!
When I asked Sharon what her advice would be for someone interested in getting started, she replied with...

"I would just say go for it. If you love plants, why not have a business doing what you love? Learn something that helps your business on a daily basis, you can never know enough!"

Sharon is much like you, I'm guessing. Like many people. Living paycheck to paycheck, hoping and praying an unexpected expense doesn't come along that takes your last dollar.

I'm not promising riches here. This is by no means one of those "get rich quick" schemes. In a lot of ways, it's the complete opposite.

It requires you to do some work. But if you love working outside and you love gardening or working with plants... it's a dream job!
*** WANTED ***
Looking for people who would like to get paid to package and ship plants to other growers all across the country. If you think you would be a good fit, please watch the video to learn more about this amazing opportunity... 
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